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  • Where is Twisted Wonderland Perfumery located?
  • Our office is located in Upstate NY, just an hour away from the border of Canada! While we are located in NY, we send our smell-goods all across the globe!

  • Why the name?
  • Twisted Wonderland Perfumery is a combination of my favorite things in life: Alice in Wonderland, Smell-Goods, & Horror/Macabre! I made the decision on the name and theme of the company easily by combining the things that make me happiest.

  • Do you ship internationally?
  • Yes! I have shipping rates set for most countries. If you are an international customer and do not see shipping for your country available I do ask to contact me via the company facebook page or email before ordering to calculate shipping as the site does not have rates set for any other countries besides the ones mentioned.

  • Are your products cruelty-free and vegan?
  • All of our products are 100% cruelty-free. We source all of our ingredients and components from cruelty-free suppliers. Our products, with the exception of our Deadly Kiss lip balms which contain a small amount of beeswax, are all Vegan.

    • Do you sell individual samples?
    • Typically no, however you can sometimes find individual samples in the Ready To Ship section. I do offer the pick-5 sample sets, which are a great way to test out several scents to find your "one".

  • Do you offer any blogger/reviewer discounts?
  • From time to time I do work with bloggers and reviewers by offering discounted or free products. While I do have most of these spots filled, if this is something that interests you feel free to contact me.

  • Do you offer wholesale?
  • I am more than happy to offer wholesale pricing with retail establishments, distributers, and stockists. If this is something that may interest you contact me via email for discussion.

    • How long will my perfumes last?
    • Our perfume oils are sold in amber glass bottles, which are designed to filter out UV's which can cause perfumes to degrade. The perfume oils should last years if stored properly, and many scents will get better with age! Our Eau De Parfum's should be kept away from sunlight and should also last several years if cared for properly. To ensure your perfumes last please store them in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. 

    What Is Your Return Policy:
    Due to the nature of our products and out of concern for hygiene we do not accept returns. Orders go directly into the queue after they are submitted. There will be no returns, refunds, or replacements unless it is due to company error or in extreme cases (like you accidentally ordered 100 perfumes when you meant to get 1). Please be aware that international orders may be subject to a customs charge, that is unfortunately beyond our control. Please be sure of your order before submitting.

    More Questions?
    Contact: or message us on facebook!