Discontinued Blends

  • Beach Monster: This scent is as beachy as it gets, the calm before the massacre! This scent combines the familiar scents of the beach along with hints of suntan lotion, cotton candy, & a bowl of bananas, kiwis, and pineapple.
  • This Is BANANAS: Delicious fresh bananas combined with the fruity fresh scent of biolage type (greenery, lemon zest, peaches, apples, & pineapples) 
  • Twisted Ghoul: Fresh pears drenched in caramel sauce atop of a vanilla cupcake with wafts of warm amber in the background *Limited Edition For Glamour Ghoul Box*
  • Eat Me, Drink Me: Wild black cherry juice served beside a vanilla waffle pastry topped with maraschino cherries 
  • Absolem's Cocktail: You may have wondered what's in the hookah, but the real question is what's in that cocktail?! A nice tall glass full of fresh watermelon lemonade with just enough sweet mint muddled in. Refreshing! *Seasonal*
  • We're All Mad Here: "But I don't want to go among mad people" Alice remarked. "Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat: "We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad". This scent blends fluffy cotton candy, chardonnay wine, pink spun sugar frosting, & a hint of pink sugar for good measure. 
  • Candyman: This scent blends notes of dark chocolate, sweet blackberry jam, and sage into a very unique truffle with a light base of sandalwood. 
  • The Tweedle's: Tweedle-Dee & Tweedle-Dum, two of the most peculiar characters in all of Wonderland, are mixing up a special concoction! All we know is it is indeed edible, and it smells of pink bubblegum, cotton candy, lemon, and something fizzy.

Falloween 2017 Collection (Available 9/1 @ 5 PM Est Time)

  • Revenge Of The Lawn Gnomes: I swear it wasn't me, it was the creepy new gnomes! Your neighbors prized watermelons freshly smashed, gnome moss, green grass, & piles of freshly dug earth.
  • Camp Nightmare: Aquatic musk fills the air swirling into notes of cannabis flower and deadly poisoned candy apples.
  • Monster Blood: Sour watermelon gummies and tart green apple suckers, because what else would Monster Blood be made of?!
  • Graveyard Smash: A scent reminiscent of a fall stroll through the local cemetery. Crisp fall leaves in the air, mossy gravestones, freshly dug plots, graveyard flowers, and a hint of your seasonal pumpkin latte.
  • Basic Witch: Because OMG Pumpkin EVERYTHING! A giant pumpkin milkshake with a side of sugar cookies slathered in decadent pumpkin flavored buttercream.
  • Pearanormal Activity: Juicy pears combined with background notes of rustic wood, crunchy leaves swaying in the fall air, wafts of toasted marshmallow, and a tiny hint of eerie dark patchouli. 

Summer 2017 Collection 

  • Killer Mermaid: Salt water waves hitting the beach sand, the scent of mango swirling in the air, freshly applied suntan lotion, and a hint of blood from that chunk out of your leg.
  • The Curious Oysters: Waves of salty sea water upon the shoreline, hibiscus flowers and fresh strawberries wafting through the summer air, and a curious whiff of fir in the distance.
  • Carnival Of Souls: A scent journey through the local carnival! Fresh funnel cakes sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, super sweet swirled blue and pink cotton candy, buttered popcorn, and hints of smoke from the food stands.
  • Six Impossible Things: "Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast". 6 Impossible Notes! Red grapefruit, sea water splashes, and fresh-fallen snow combined with hints of basil, vanilla bean, & moss.

Spring 2017 Collection

  • A Dream Within A Dream: Fresh juicy pears combined with sweet pea blossoms and wafts of basil.
  • Tea For Two: A cup of earl grey tea with a drop of vanilla bean surrounded by fragrant rose petals.
  • Entirely Bonkers: A bright fizzy mock-tail of blood oranges combined with ginger-ale and a splash of grapefruit juice.
  • Lights Out: Bunches of lavender combined with fresh juicy peaches and a dab of cotton candy.
  • Ultraviolet: Sweet violet blooms, cannabis flower, and a hint of kaffir lime. 

Fall 2016 Collection

• Pearanormal Activity: Juicy pears combined with background notes of rustic wood, crunchy leaves swaying in the fall air, wafts of toasted marshmallow, and a tiny hint of eerie patchouli.

Room 1408: "This is nine! Nine! This is nine! Nine! This is Ten! Ten! We have killed your friends! Every friend is now dead! This is six! Six!" This scent blends luscious fresh apple cider with melty vanilla ice cream drizzled with gooey caramel. A horrifyingly delicious treat!

One Day At Horrorland: "Viewer beware, you’re in for a scare!" Pumpkin spice and spun sugar
come together in this horrifyingly delicious treat.

Twisted Taffy: A sweet combination of banana taffy, a big bowl of candy corn, and a splash of
cream soda.

Monster Blood: Sour watermelon gummies and tart green apple suckers, because what else would
Monster Blood be made of?!

Basic Witch: Because OMG Pumpkin! A giant pumpkin milkshake with a side of sugar cookies
slathered in pumpkin flavored buttercream.

Netflix and Kill: Come on, Netflix and Chill is just over-rated these days! A big mug of chai tea topped with a dollop of marshmallow and accompanied with a box of apple cider donuts. This screams fall!

Haunted: A peculiar combination of the scent of a fall haunted hayride with a fizzy apple soda in hand.

- Tiff Loves Chucky Limited Edition Duo -

Hi, I'm Chucky! Wanna Play?: Dark spices, deadly candy apple, and hints of fire smoke.

Barbie, Eat Your Heart Out: The blackest leather, cherry blood red lipstick, fire smoke, and
hints of vanilla musk.

Winter 2016 Collection

Krampus Woods: A wintery blend of fir trees swirled with peppermint and hints of benzoin and vanilla.

Happy Hellidays: If you need me I'll be sitting in the corner avoiding everyone. A big-girl sized glass of wine, a brick of surprisingly tasty home-made fruitcake, and just a hint of smoke from the fireplace.

Who-Feast: To Whoville! The aroma of a freshly baked baguette slathered with a sweet honey clove spread.

A Curiouser Christmas: What's in the "Drink Me" bottle, Christmas edition! Smashed cranberries swirled with blood oranges dumped into sparkling fizzy pop.

Better Not Cry...: Sweet strawberry pulp swirled into creamy milk with the smallest hints of powder, black currant, and oak in the background.

Elfin' Around: A big old cup of creamy extra chocolatey cocoa served with a sweet peppermint stick stirrer.

Silent Night: An extra tall lavender martini with just a pinch of cotton candy added for good measure.

Santa's Slay: One Santa you don't want to mess with! Black leather, big puffs of caramel pipe tobacco, a hint of dark cherry, and a pinch of clove.

- Simply Meant To Be Duo -

Bone Daddy Jack: Snow swirling through the air accented with sweet smashed pumpkins and wafts of sugarplums and smoke.

Ragdoll Sally: Freshly sewn linen, smashed sugarplums, snowflakes swirling through the air, and just a small whiff of sweet smoke.

Valentines 2017 Collection

Candied Lilac: Fresh bloomed lilacs combined with sweet white chocolate.

Forever Alone: Amber, Dark Patchouli, Frosted White Cupcakes, Sliced Strawberries.

Sweetheart: Sweeter than sweet! Marshmallow, vanilla bean, and butterscotch.

Love Potion: Bunches of lavender combined with pumpkin. A scent sure to please the senses.

Black Heart: Dark patchouli, clove, and caramel pipe tobacco (Now Permanent)

Be Mine: Sparkling vanilla champagne and gummy bears